EDMM stands for Een Draght Mackt Maght which means “pulling together makes us strong”. 

When my wife and I first moved to Brooklyn, we discovered this, the borough motto.  It felt emblematic of our shared outlook and our new life together.  It speaks to making each other better, to making our future better.  In the same way, my mission is to create things that will make your life better.

EDMM studio makes modern furniture and housewares in Philadelphia, by hand, one at a time.

EDMM gives me the chance to make things as they should be, the chance to make things I would like to have. Simple, beautiful, functional, and durable furniture and housewares that you love being around. Modern furniture with character that, hopefully, you come to regard as a member of the family.

Many pieces of furniture are things people buy out of necessity, but with the mindset that will do, for now. With EDMM my goal is to offer a more conscious alternative. A table can be more than a table,  it can be a handsome little fella that will mind that drink for you until you want it back--everyday, for hours, for years. I believe that things we spend so much time around should be things we love, not just objects we live with.

Before I made furniture, I made consumer goods as an industrial designer, and made ships as a welder. With EDMM I shift my focus to where my heart has so long been--everyday household objects, for everyday household problems, that don't feel so everyday.